High waisted pants and these clothes make your figure show the golden ratio

What’s the most beautiful figure? It’s not how thin and tall you are. Yes, a good-looking figure must have the upper and lower body to show the golden ratio.

So, in the world of high waisted pants, remember to match with this collection of clothes, not only make you comfortable, but also show the golden proportion of your body.

High waisted pants

1. Simple and atmospheric coat

It’s cool in early autumn, so don’t embarrass yourself for beauty. Try a simple and atmospheric coat, light and thin, which can make you warm and comfortable. At the same time, it can also block the hips of your high waist pants. The visual impact of the upper body will be strengthened, and the figure and height will be increased in proportion, so that the whole person looks fashionable and fresh. 。

2. Bright high heels

Generally, people like dark color when choosing high waisted pants, which can show thin. Yes, dark high waisted pants are easy to match and also show thin. If you are not satisfied with your body, try matching high waisted pants with bright high heels. The high-heeled shoes have the effect of showing thin, and the eye-catching bright color will make the high waisted pants look thinner. This is mainly due to the contrast between dark pants and bright shoes. Of course, the effect of high heels is also a lot of credit.


3. Thin long windbreaker

How can there be less windbreaker in autumn? Women wear high waisted pants and windbreaker are also very well matched. You can choose which color is popular in the selection of windbreaker, but you can choose the one with large drape as far as possible, which can adjust your body proportion, so that the visual effect of high waisted pants is better.


4. Workplace temperament shirt

If you are an office worker, try matching high waisted pants with a workplace shirt. If there is a soft scarf on the shirt, it will not only look full of workplace temperament, but also have a great proportion of body! The material of the shirt is made of chiffon and satin which are full of wave sense vision.

High waisted pants are a good item for our body to become better. You can try more of the above items in collocation, not only to make you wear diversified, but also to keep your body in the best proportion all the time.


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