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Why do some clothes change shape and fade when they are exposed to the sun?

Is it hard not to air a dress but to talk about science?

The answer is: Ken! Sure! !

Clothing knowledge

Clothes suitable for back drying

/Silk material/

After washing, silk clothes should be naturally dried in a cool and ventilated place.

Because silk clothes have poor sunlight resistance, they can’t be directly exposed to the sun, or they will cause fabric fading.

Clothing knowledge

Moreover, silk clothes are more delicate, so you should master the correct methods when washing.

Alkali will damage the silk fiber, so neutral washing powder and liquid should be used.

When washing, it is not suitable to stir strongly or twist forcefully. It should be gently rubbed.

Clothing knowledge

In order to protect the color of silk clothes, put another basin of clear water after cleaning,

drop two or three drops of vinegar into the water, soak for 5 minutes and take it out,

and hang the opposite side in the shade.


/Wool material/

Wool clothing should be protected from direct sunlight.

The soft luster of wool material mainly comes from the oleamine film on the outside of wool fiber.

Clothing knowledge

If it is exposed to the sun, the surface of the oleamine film will change due to the oxidation effect of high temperature, which will seriously affect the appearance and service life.

Clothing knowledge

Wool fabrics, especially white ones, tend to turn yellow when exposed to direct sunlight,

so they should also be placed in a cool and ventilated place after washing to let it dry naturally.


/Cotton and linen cloth/

Cotton and hemp cloth clothing can be directly spread in the sun,

because this kind of fiber in the sun almost does not reduce the intensity,

and is not easy to deformation. But in order to prevent fading, it’s best to turn the sun.

Clothing knowledge

The coat of cotton and linen cloth is best to be dried in the opposite direction,

especially the clothes with bright colors and dark colors. In summer, the sun is very big.

After the sun exposure, the color fading of cotton and linen clothes will be more serious.


Clothes suitable for drying

/Close fitting underwear/

Close fitting underwear, preferably in the sun. Underwear, in turn, is easy to be exposed to dust and microbes in the air.

Clothing knowledge

And close fitting clothes dry, it’s best to put them away immediately, repeatedly shaking. Don’t air it for three or four days. If it’s exposed to the air for too long, it’s easy to be contaminated with dust and microorganisms.


Neglect the difference between washing and drying

/Wash clothes together/

In summer, clothes are light and thin. For people like yibabe who only wash their own clothes, they always want to save their clothes for a few days and then throw them into the washing machine.

It’s convenient to do so, but the consequence of laziness is that mould grows more! Wet dirty clothes baskets or buckets are warm places for mold growth.

Clothing knowledge

In summer, clothes are soaked with sweat and easy to get moldy. If mixed with other laundry materials, the pollution range will expand, and the mold will double.

Moreover, when clothes are collected and washed together, the number of clothes increases, and the washing liquid can not fully contact each clothes, let alone clean them.

Clothing knowledge

Suggestion: it is suggested that the washing machine should not be full every time you wash it. The volume of clothes should be 70% of the volume of the inner cylinder of the washing machine.

/Wear new clothes without washing them/

Many people buy new clothes and put them on without washing. Anyway, it’s also necessary to wash clothes in summer. But many people ignore a serious problem. Formaldehyde may be contained in new clothes.

Formaldehyde can stimulate the respiratory tract and skin, cause tears, sore throat, dry cough and other reactions; it can also induce allergic reactions, such as skin rash, pruritus and so on.

Clothing knowledge

Suggestion: it’s better to go through the water for the new clothes or have a sun exposure, especially the underwear and children’s clothes that have close contact with the body.

/Washing powder mixed with soap/

Many people like to put soap on the stains whenever they see the stains on the neckline and cuff when they wash clothes. They think it will increase the ability of decontamination. In fact, it is wrong to do so.

Washing powder is weak acid, soap is weak alkaline, both use, acid and alkali neutralization, the results of both are weakened, the decontamination effect is decreased.

Clothing knowledge

Suggestion: the right way to decontaminate is to use only one kind of detergent, and increase the dosage at the neckline, cuff, etc.

/Put the washing powder at will/

Many people think that when washing clothes, the more washing powder and detergent or detergent are put in, the cleaner the clothes are washed. In fact, this is a wrong idea.

When the detergent content in the water reaches saturation, the excess detergent does not increase the cleaning power. In order to use detergent efficiently and economically, it is necessary to take appropriate amount according to the water consumption during washing.

Clothing knowledge

Suggestion: the amount of hand washing detergent is 1:500, 10ml for 5L water, 1:1000 for machine washing, 30ml for 30L water.

/Soaking time is too long/

Many people will directly throw the clothes they changed that night into the water basin to soak them. Sometimes it’s just one night to soak them. They always think that only one bubble of clothes can make them cleaner.

In fact, the soaking time is too long. Although the stains in the clothes are more dissolved by the washing liquid, they are also very easy to stink because the stains cannot be discharged. In the long run, it is very easy to make the clothes fiber age and fade.

Clothing knowledge

Suggestion: it’s better to soak dirty clothes for 15 minutes, even for slightly heavy clothes, it’s better not to exceed half an hour.

/Rub the stains hard/

Sometimes, the clothes are not very dirty, but some places are stained with stains. At this time, many people will focus on scrubbing the spots.

However, vigorously scrubbing the stains will expand the scope of the stains on the clothes and even wear the clothes.

Clothing knowledge

Suggestion: use a clean rag or paper towel to dry the stains as soon as possible to prevent the stains from expanding, and then use detergent to gently wash.

/Untimely drying/

It is a common practice for many office workers to throw clothes into the washing machine when they go out in the morning and put them out to dry when they come back in the evening.

In fact, it’s easy to breed bacteria when wet clothes are put in the washing machine for a long time, especially when it’s hot and sultry in summer.

Clothing knowledge

Suggestion: it’s better to take out the clothes and dry them in half an hour after washing. If the clothes in the washing machine are placed for more than one hour, they should be washed again.


Great release of clothes drying skills

/Anti wrinkle method of drying clothes/

After the clothes are dehydrated in the washing machine, it is better to take them out and dry them immediately, because the clothes are easy to fade and wrinkle due to long time in the dehydrator.

Clothing knowledge

After taking the clothes out of the dehydrator, shake them for several times to prevent wrinkling. After drying, such as shirts, blouses, bed sheets, etc., they can be well stretched and patted to prevent wrinkling.

/Chemical fiber drying/

Chemical fiber clothes can be directly hung on the hanger to dry naturally. In this way, it is not wrinkled, but also clean.

Clothing knowledge

One last reminder

Don’t screw the clothes too dry when drying them

And it’s better to flatten the folds

Dry clothes in this way won’t wrinkle!



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