CALIANI-A Famous Fashion Brand After Century’s Baptism

Fashion brand-CALIANI

Italy, a magical country full of rich artistic heritage and fashion color, a luxury capital country gathering the world’s top brands,

was founded in 1905 in CALIANI (Chinese name: Carriani),

a famous Italian fashion brand.

After years of precipitation, the story behind the brand has become increasingly fascinating. People.

Fashion brand

CALINI, born in Rome, Italy in 1885,

was deeply influenced by the Italian art of Nicola Solvi sculpture and architectural design,

especially the Wishing Pool, which Salvi, Colorado,

spent 30 years designing and constructing: Wishing Pool is the symbol of strength and love.

There is a beautiful legend behind this. When couples put coins in the pool together, love will last forever.

George Caliani grew up in this beautiful legend, and his clothes have always maintained a relationship with art,

about sculpture and architecture.

Fashion brand

In 1905, George Caliani created his personal collection.

By virtue of his wild and sexy style, he became the pioneer of fashion trend at that time.

He also played an important role in Italian fashion circle.

After more than 100 years of historical precipitation, he has become a famous Italian fashion brand.

Fashion brand

CALIANI aims to serve high-end successful men, tastes, designs and customers.

Through fashionable taste, excellent texture and traditional classics, elegance and urban style are injected into today’s diverse CALIANI customers.

After the development of the times,

modern men are keen to show their distinctive personal style by balancing the free choice of dress style with the traditional classical tailoring.

CALIANI’s clothing suits men’s needs appropriately.

With the excellence of fabric, exquisite cutting, fashionable design and quality,

CALIANI has been leading the creation of men’s fashion trend.

Fashion brand


In 2005, after more than a century of precipitation and development, the CALIANI family landed in the Chinese market with its yearning for the mysterious country of the East.

When landing in the Chinese market, with its wild lines, messy and delicate personality,

wild and sexy colors, avant-garde exaggerated style and unique gorgeous taste,

CALIANI brand has become an eternal fashion shine in new life and new dress.

Fashion brand


CALIANI, a brand that has been baptized by history,

has captured the hearts of new fashion aristocrats all over the world. The history of CALIANI is still going on.

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